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According to the amount this small measure will complete every wish on tuesday

Tuesday’s special significance in Hinduism. It is said that on Tuesday worship of Hanuman of Puvuta is worshiped by the law, then he is very happy on his devotees very soon. In fact, Tuesday is named after ‘Mangal’, which means efficient. In Sanatan religion, Mars is considered to be ‘holy and auspicious’, so Hindus consider it auspicious to start any work on Tuesday. It is said that there are some measures which are to be done according to the Rashu, then Pawan son Hanuman will fulfill his vow soon. So let us know how to please Lord Hanuman according to the amount …

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Aries / मेष – Tuesday Measure

(चू, चे, चो, ला, ली, लू, ले, लो, आ)

Taurus / वृष – Tuesday Measure

Gemini / मिथुन – Tuesday Measure

(का, की, कू, घ, ङ, छ, के, को, ह)

Cancer / कर्क – Tuesday Measure

(ही, हू, हे, हो, डा, डी, डू, डे, डो)

Leo / सिंह – Tuesday Measure

(मा, मी, मू, मे, मो, टा, टी, टू, टे)

Virgo / कन्या – Tuesday Measure

(ढो, पा, पी, पू, ष, ण, ठ, पे, पो)

Libra / तुला – Tuesday Measure

(रा, री, रू, रे, रो, ता, ती, तू, ते)

Scorpio / वृश्चिक – Tuesday Measure

(तो, ना, नी, नू, ने, नो, या, यी, यू)

Sagittarius / धनु – Tuesday Measure

(ये, यो, भा, भी, भू, धा, फा, ढा, भे)

Capricorn / मकर – Tuesday Measure

(भो, जा, जी, खी, खू, खे, खो, गा, गी)

Aquarius / कुंभ – Tuesday Measure

(गू, गे, गो, सा, सी, सू, से, सो, दा)

Pisces / मीन – Tuesday Measure

(दी, दू, थ, झ, ञ, दे, दो, चा, ची)

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