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How to remove money shortage

Everybody is familiar with the importance of money in this economic age of today. If you do not have wealth in today’s time then people will also refrain from talking to you. Even in the worst times, their people leave along. It is very important to be rich in such a situation. Everyone wants that […]

For the first time Shirdi came and where did Sai Baba go?

For the first time, Shirdi came to Baba Shirdi on the banks of Panchavati Godavari, where he meditated and meditated. Here Baba met Brahmananda Saraswati. Baba blessed them. After Panchavati, Baba reached Shigaon, where he met Gajanan Maharaj. After staying there for a few days, Baba reached Janagadh Swami’s cottage of Devgiri. From there, they […]

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