Do not even mistake this thursday otherwise it may be harm

A special day of worship of Lord Vishnu is considered to be Thursday. This special occasion of worship is on this day. According to the scriptures, where it is related to Jupiter, it is also called the day of Narayana. Not only this, Sai’s day is also considered on Thursdays. All the sufferings of the devotees are defeated only by the remembrance of Lord Vishnu as described in the scriptures. Those devotees worship Lord Vishnu with a true heart. The Lord is pleased with them and fulfills their desire.

But giving this importance to the day in the scriptures is some work which is said to be taboo on this day. Many people do not know this, due to which they have to suffer loss. You are not going to be the partner of any damage, for today we are going to tell you the work that should not be done on Thursday.

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