Goddess Parvati Pooja For Happiness In Married Life And Family

If there is no happiness in the family, then the family can not be happy. Differences and quarrels between husband and wife are common during the working couple’s marriage. It directly affects children. Several types of remedies have been given to keep the family happy. If all the disagreements and problems of the house can be a solution, it is the worship of Mata Parvati. The worship of Mata Parvati solves many problems, especially the worship of Mata Parvati for problems of hermit’s life.

According to the scriptures, Parvati devotion is the best way for any type of family related problem. With the happiness of mother Parvati, the grace of all the deities and goddesses like Shivaji, Ganeshji etc. is attained. Therefore, all kinds of planetary defects are also eliminated. According to astrology, the effects of certain planet defects in the horoscope have a negative impact on marital life. In such a way, with the proper astrological treatment of those planets, they should offer vermilion to Mother Parvati everyday. The vermillion is considered to be a symbol of suhag. The person who regularly worships the mother goddess is not prepared to face family distress, quarrels, and mental stress.


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