Lakshmi puja vidhi on diwali | Happy diwali 2018

Diwali is on 7th November, the importance of Lakshmi Puja on this day. It is believed that if worship of Lakshmi is done in the house then it is maintained. The houses where Lakshmi’s statue of a brass or silver idol should be done daily. There is no religious significance behind it, it is complete psychology, which inspires us to earn money and utilize it. It is also mandatory to be a Ganapati with Lakshmi in the temple. The reason is that Lakshmi is Goddess of wealth, then Ganesha is the god of wisdom. If Lakshmi is in the house then it is necessary to have intelligence in the humans so that they can utilize Lakshmi.

In Shastras, some things have been clarified about Lakshmi worship. If Lakshmi is worshiped daily, she will have permanent residence in her house. Friday is considered as the day of Mata Lakshmi. If you want to establish Lakshmi at home then you should do it on Friday. Venus gives a Shubhaf from the worship of Lakshmi. Defects of the horoscope associated with it are also removed.

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