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Let’s know what to do, what do not do 2018

Salt should not be eaten on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. It affects health and obstacles in every work. If there is obstruction in the work on Tuesday, then take Hanumanji’s vermilion and jasmine oil or offer a new cholera. On Wednesday, the mother should not wash the head, doing so spoils the health of the child or there is no trouble in front of her. No one should lend a loan on Tuesday, the loan given is not easily available. Tuesday is considered a good day to pay the loan. There is no need to borrow a loan again on this day. Wednesday: Money should not be transacted on Wednesday, but money should be deposited. The money deposited on this day is always bright. If any work is hampered, then working on the children born on Wednesday will be made. The boy should not send in-laws on Saturday. On Saturday, should not be bought by buying oil, wood, coal, salt, iron or iron items or they will suffer from sudden distress. Do not shave on Thursday or children will be hampered by pleasure.


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