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Mole Astrology For Lucky People 2019

There are some people who do something different in life, such people can be identified through astrology, so let’s start. You must have seen many people resorting to the lines of their palms to know their future, but today we are going to tell you about such sesame which is seen in the part of […]

How to earn from youtube watching videos

If you like to watch videos on YouTube, you can earn up to 30 thousand per month using this hobby. To do this work you only have two things to have a best internet connection and to watch the second video you have to have some time every day so friends come know how we […]

Goddess laxmi live in plants 2019

Friends, we have brought a very important information for you in the new year. As we all want that Lord Lakshmi’s blessings, Sadev will remain on us. They do not meet us in any way. Living in the house of Lakshmi ji remains happy in the house and peace of prosperity and prosperity remains. Not […]

Dont do these work in devshayni ekadashi

Like every time this year, Devshani Ekadashi is going to fall before Sawan, this important festival will be celebrated on July 12. There is a great significance of Devashani Ekadashi in the scriptures. Not only this, it has been considered as the best date in all the dates. It is believed that from this day […]

Tips : Devshayani Ekadashi 2019

To end the fast of Ekadashi is called Parana. The next day of Ekadashi fasting is passed after sunrise. It is very important to do the Ekadashi fast before the end of the Dvashashi date. If the Dvashashi date has expired before sunrise, then Ekadashi fast passes only after sunrise. Nothing is equal to committing […]

Do this remedy according to vastu shastra

It is said that if the house is not built according to Vastu, then many such things which are kept in the house have been told in Vastu science, so that there is always a positive energy there. But with this, keeping some things also has a negative effect. Today, we are going to tell […]