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Just Choose One Sign For Solution 2019

If you also want to solve the difficulties of your life, then you will read this information carefully. Yes, today we will introduce you to some signs and you have to choose one of these signs. You can choose whichever symbol you like. Please tell that based on these signs, we will tell you about […]

These two rashi have bad time 2019

According to astrology, when planets change their movement, it also has an impact on human life. The movement of the planets can also change the life of a human being. The effects of planets are good on a person and bad on someone. As soon as the new year comes, the planets have also changed […]

Do not do these mistakes in pitra paksh

Hello friends, you all are very welcome in my channel Mantra Time. Today I am going to tell you which works we should not do in Pitripaksha or Shraddha because there are some things which our ancestors get angry on doing in Pitra Paksha and we have to suffer terrible consequences.If you watch this video […]

Ganesh Puja Powerful Mantra 2019

Shri Ganesh ji is the god of defeating obstacles and fulfills all desires soon. It is written in the scriptures: ‘Kalu Chandi Vinayako’ means that in Kaliyug, there is no other god who is soon pleased besides Chandi and Ganesh ji. The Ganesha statue is of metal or of pure clay. Different wooden statues are […]

Thursday Remedies 2019

Money has become indispensable to meet the basic and material needs of life. As such, economic hardship is the cause of many problems, it also deprives you of many common features. If you too are struggling financially then in this article you will find out the measures. These remedies mentioned in the scriptures can solve […]

Mole Astrology For Lucky People 2019

There are some people who do something different in life, such people can be identified through astrology, so let’s start. You must have seen many people resorting to the lines of their palms to know their future, but today we are going to tell you about such sesame which is seen in the part of […]

How to earn from youtube watching videos

If you like to watch videos on YouTube, you can earn up to 30 thousand per month using this hobby. To do this work you only have two things to have a best internet connection and to watch the second video you have to have some time every day so friends come know how we […]