महामारी की तरह फैल रहा है खुजली वाला रोग ‘स्केबीज’, छोटे बच्चों और बड़ों में दिखते हैं ये लक्षण – Marathi Sai

As the winter season starts, the process of infectious diseases also increases rapidly. These days, a special contagious disease called scabies is spreading rapidly in Chhattisgarh and adjoining states, due to which a person starts to get intense itching. Scabies is a type of infectious disease that spreads rapidly from person to person. At AIIMS Hospital Raipur, hundreds of patients affected by this itching disease are arriving every week for treatment. Doctors say scabies is an infectious disease that spread like an epidemic 30 years ago. After so many days, once again the disease has spread rapidly as more than 50 patients affected by scabies are coming to the hospitals of Raipur these days.

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